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What is God’s Way Ltd Organisation?

In short:

God’s Way Ltd is an Australian Public Company limited by Guarantee which means that it has Members rather than shareholders. It was set up this way to ensure the longevity and existence of the company in perpetuity as far as we possibly can. This is so no matter what happens that the company has the potential to continue to share God’s Truth and the research & scientific experiments it conducts with the world. Everything God’s Way Ltd does is a gift given free of charge because we believe God’s Truth should be accessible to everyone and given freely.

To fully understand what is God’s Way Ltd, please familiarize yourself with God’s Way Ltd Constitution document, which can be found here.

What is the purpose of God’s Way Ltd?

In short:

The Primary Purpose of God’s Way is to generate intellectual property that is shared with the world using any and all means possible (in harmony with the constitution) free of charge.

God’s Way Ltd was set up to provide a vehicle to demonstrate Principles of God’s Truth in action being practically applied on Earth and to scientifically document the process and experiments involved with doing this, so they can be shared with the world.

God’s Way’s main business is creating intellectual property, conducting research and education – both pure research and practically applied research.

Some of the Objectives of God’s Way, as stated in the God’s Way Ltd Constitution Objects & Objectives section, include but are not limited to:


To provide Life Education to all Humankind who desire education regarding the principles of God’s Way and God’s Truth as detailed in Section 3.1 of the Constitution.

To accept that these Divine Truths came to Humankind in the first instance in the first century through the persons; Jesus Christ, who is now known as Alan John Miller, & Mary Magdalene, who is now known as Mary Suzanne Luck. Who are together one complete individualized soul, and who demonstrate through their own personal example that these Truths are the Absolute Truth of God.

To practically demonstrate how Life Education provided by the Organisation and individuals and other organizations in partnership with the Organisation, can promote: peace and well being worldwide and in other dimensions; compassion, kindness, support and love for all beings on the planet, and in the spirit dimensions; living in harmony with, and having love for the environment.

To provide Life Education by using various Methods as outlined in Section 3.4 of the Constitution.

To encourage, develop, provide and support Learning Projects, Learning Groups and Learning Teams around the earth, just as they have already been provided in the spirit world, for the specific purposes as outlined in the Constitution Section 3.5

To provide Learning Centres around the earth, just as they have already been provided in the spirit world, where all people may visit to see demonstration of Divine Truth in practice & to learn about how practicing God’s Way affects not only their personal being and way of life, but also their environment as detailed in Section 3.6 of the Constitution.

To provide any other services, education, products, property, materials, charitable assistance, food, and humanitarian aid that are harmonious with the Objects and Principles of the Organisation, principles of Divine Love and Divine Truth & Laws of God.


Can God’s Way Ltd be operating in other countries other than Australia?

If the resources and funds are available and there are the people to run such a company in harmony with the God’s Way Constitution this is definitely a possibility.

Currently we do not have enough funds and a team of passionate people need to be trained and educated in order to do this, and due to not having these requirements met God’s Way is currently only able to be operational in Australia.

We hope this changes in the future.

Who owns God’s Way Ltd?

No one owns God’s Way.

God’s Way has Member Classes and Directors. The directors are responsible for the day to day running of the company.

God’s Way has been set up this way so that no one can own the company which was done so that all intellectual property created for God’s Way remains free and available to be freely distributed to all humanity world wide.

What is the difference between God’s Way Ltd organisation and a Learning Centre?

God’s Way Ltd is an Australian Public Company limited by Guarantee. God’s Way has many & diverse interests and areas of research & education. Learning Centres are just one of these interests.

God’s Way Can purchase or receive land as a gift (we are currently investigating how to go about this in the best possible way).

The only reason for owning physical property is  to be able to have a place to generate programmes which support the production of intellectual property, and to maintain those properties in accordance with best practices currently understood by the God’s Way organisation. Or to preserve natural habitat and eco-systems in places that are being quickly destroyed.

Definition of a Learning Centre as stated in the Constitution:

A property or location on the earth that is a centre for education, learning, demonstrating the principles and practice of Divine Love and Divine Truth in daily life in harmony with any or all of the Objectives and Principles of this Organization, and demonstrating the practice of loving and living in harmony with God’s Universal Laws and the positive effect that such loving and living has upon the individual themselves, and the environment surrounding the individual.