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Volunteers Selection Programme

The Volunteers Selection Programme is a trial or a test period designed to identify permanent, passionate and desirous individuals who desire to give to Divine Truth and/or God’s Way organisations.

Below are links to documents for people to read who are interested in participating in the Volunteer Selection Programme.

Participant Preparation Pack for Group 1 (October to December 2017):

Programme Overview for Participants

20171108-1000-DOC-ELOTJM- Programme Overview for Participants 1.0-web

Appendix 1: Programme Objectives

20171108-1000-DOC-ELHTJM-Appendix 1-Programme Objectives 1.0-web

Appendix 2: Upholding Love & Truth

20171108-0900-DOC–ELHTJM-Appendix 2-Upholding Love & Truth 1.0-web


We are planning to run the next Volunteer Selection Programme in 2018.

To register your interest to participate in a Volunteer Selection Programme click here and register your details on the Eventbrite page.

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