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Volunteer Selection Programme

The Volunteer Selection Programme is a trial or a test period designed to identify permanent, passionate and desirous individuals who desire to give to Divine Truth and/or God’s Way organisations and share God’s Truth with the world.

Below are links to documents for people to read who are interested in participating in a Volunteer Selection Project.

Participant Preparation Pack, Volunteer Selection Project, March Intake (15th March – 11th May 2018)

20171108-DOC-VULIN-ELHTJM-Programme Overview for Participants 1.22-MarchIntake

20171108-1000-DOC-ELHTJM-Appendix 1-Programme Objectives 1.0-web

20171108-0900-DOC–ELHTJM-Appendix 2-Upholding Love & Truth 1.0-web


Deeds & Forms

These need to be read, printed, signed, and witnessed. Please scan them and send them to and bring the originals with you on the first day of the project.

GW Gift – Deed

GW Participant – Deed

20171014-DOC-GW-OHS-ACNELH-Participant Medical Form 1.5



Tris and participants empty the scraps

Participant Preparation Pack for Group 1 (October to December 2017):

Programme Overview for Participants

20171108-1000-DOC-ELOTJM- Programme Overview for Participants 1.0-web

Appendix 1: Programme Objectives

20171108-1000-DOC-ELHTJM-Appendix 1-Programme Objectives 1.0-web

Appendix 2: Upholding Love & Truth

20171108-0900-DOC–ELHTJM-Appendix 2-Upholding Love & Truth 1.0-web


We are planning to run two Volunteer Selection Projects in 2018.

To register your interest to participate in a Volunteer Selection Programme click here and register your details on the Eventbrite page.

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