All the information on this site is a gift for free.

We believe that anyone who wants to learn and find out about new ways of doing things, and anyone who would like to find out about the principles of God’s Truth* ought to have that opportunity free of charge.

We would like to thank you for your donations!

There are details on the side menu under each persons name/s if you wish to donate to individuals & links below.

To donate to God’s Way Ltd press on link below

God’s Way Ltd

There are a number of Deeds & Declarations that need to be signed if you desire to donate to God’s Way Ltd. See the notes below for details.


Notes on the Deeds & Declarations:

1. The Gift Deed is a once off document that applies to any and all Gifts given to the Organisation by the Gift Giver who executes the Deed.

2. The gift declaration (for gifts UNDER $1000AUD) or Statutory Declaration (for gifts OVER $1000AUD) only needs to be done once if it is a regular payment.

If you fill in the details on the declaration of what you are intending to do, (example below):

“I have on {date} given to God’s Way Limited, currently trading at 98 O’Dea Road, Wilkesdale, QLD, 4608, a gift of  $10.00 AUD per week, equaling a total of $520 Australian dollars per annum”.

Then fill out all the other requirements in the declaration, sign and send to

98 O’Dea Road
Kingaroy,Queensland 4610

(or drop it in our letterbox).
We recommend to fill out two of each form, so you have an original copy and we have an original copy.

3. If in future you were to give other gifts, then you would need to fill out another declaration depending on what the gift was. (You would not need to fill out another Gift Deed, because that is done).
So for example If I give a gift of $5 p/week I need to sign a Gift Deed and do a Gift Declaration once.

If I then gave a one off gift of $5000 dollars I would need to fill out a Statutory Declaration and get it signed by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent.

If I then decided to give a tractor worth $30,000 I would need to fill out another Statutory Declaration.

4.  If you can reference your donations and gifts as specified in the table at the following link,  it makes it very easy for us to track accounting wise. Any Gifts or Donations specifically for the God’s Way of Education Project please donate in the same way as to God’s Way Ltd – details below.

But please use the below reference GIFTGWED. Then we know that what you donate is specifically for God’s Way of Education.

Contact Persons: Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins (Current Secretary of God’s Way Ltd)
Contact Email:


*We would like to direct you to those who know more than we do in regards to God’s Truth: Jesus & Mary Magdalene; the following link is where you can find out more first hand: You may desire to donate to Jesus and Mary who are the source and inspiration of much of the information shared on this site.