Self Reflective Parenting – Part 1

I ‘re-discovered’ an outline from some years ago (20140617) that I wrote up in regards to a presentation on parenting I would like to give. I feel really passionate about improving myself as a parent and I thought that others may find the notes useful.

The purpose is to encourage self reflection and self discovery in regards to parenting.

I am excited to share my experiences in regards to experimenting with becoming a loving ‘parent’ from God’s perspective.

I am finding that sincerely engaging God’s Way is the fastest way to change the family dynamic in a loving and lasting way! I know this for certain and recommend God’s Way (more info at the links below) wholeheartedly!

I suggest checking out Jesus & Mary’s website: for detailed information as this is what my experiments are based on. Also while a relationship with God is developing, or is non existent, depending on where you are at, the resources Jesus & Mary have and are sharing are very inspiring & helpful in opening one up to and beginning an investigation of understanding in a lot of areas, particularly the Truth about God!!

Quote: We have to seek for Truth if we are ever going to find it. – Jesus

Part 1

Introduction: Why look at parenting?

There is so much information on parenting out there, (much of it based on punishment and reward), yet often it doesn’t work or it promises ‘quick fixes’ that don’t work long term and don’t actually find or deal with the reason/s why events happen & issues occur between adults & kids (kids & kids, adults & adults) in the first place.

I have been experimenting with Principles of God’s Truth or Divine Truth as presented by my friends, Jesus and Mary Magdalene and these do work and do have lasting positive effects, some immediate, all long term and lasting – when you fully engage the principles involved with your soul rather than your mind. Taking an action without a soul change is not going to be lasting change – ever. ‘Trying is lying’ (as Mary says) – I know, I have tried.

Making positive change will take sincere desire, effort on your part, feeling emotions and a passionate desire and longing to love as God loves- which you will need to grow a desire to do. You can do it with God or without God. I’ve heard with God is faster. This approach is not an overnight fix, it is a life long adventure and a way of life/living – that works. Once a change is made in your soul, it is an forever change on that particular subject.

An exciting change for me is how I feel inside myself and about myself. It seems as my opinion of myself actually grows for real, my life becomes more enjoyable. It makes a wonderful change and I feel more desire to love and get to know others without effort. I haven’t had to ‘try’ and it hasn’t been ‘hard’ when I have made real changes. Things seemed to ‘just happen’ quite smoothly.

I feel excited to have found a way that works and is improving my life in every area – including my relationships with my partner, kids and everyone in my environment in a real way!

Quote: Your soul condition determines your happiness in your life… it determines what you attract in your life to yourself and it determines how rapidly you grow…. It determines what accidents you have, what sicknesses you get, and what love life you have. It determines everything about your life. – Jesus

Please feel free to ask questions at any time by emailing me or going to the ‘Contact us’ page and if you are uncertain about any terminology I use please let me know and I will explain.

I would like to share with you some of my personal experiences of engaging God’s Laws and Principles of God’s Truth and the super positive affects they have had in my life with my relationship with children. I want to share these as I’ve found them to be positively life changing! Being honest with myself about how I feel has in some cases made everything instantly better, and even intellectual realisations have helped me understand what’s going on rather than feeling totally helpless. Ignorance is not bliss.

I will be sharing only about things that I have actually experienced.
There are many things I do not know yet and many areas I have yet to have experiences in.

When I speak about God, much of it is based on Divine Truth and what I have heard from Jesus and Mary, I am experimenting for myself at the moment. I don’t know a lot about God myself yet. I am excited about what I am discovering.

I am beginning to see that being a parent is a gift – an opportunity to learn about love, God’s Laws, Gods way of loving. I’ve heard that, the reason God had children is because she had a desire to love them. That is it.

If we do not have a pure desire to love our kids – we need to look at why. Having children is an opportunity for each of us to learn how to love in a pure way. To give to a child in a loving way rather than addiction, neediness, demand, expectation etc.

The unhealed emotions in your soul creates the behaviours your children reflects to you and you attracted the perfect personality (of the child) to expose and heal the error in your soul. If we are humble having children can teach us so much about love.

The process I am engaging is about me. Dealing with my unloving behaviour. In dealing with my stuff first it automatically creates change in the children without having to say a thing. To really love we need to begin by looking at ourselves. We need to take personal responsibility for our actions, feelings, emotions and thoughts and look truthfully at what our soul created and attracted. It is examining through God’s Laws: the Law of attraction the behaviour your child is reflecting to you. Children are not ‘bad’ or trying to be. They are often acting out behaviour and sometimes they have no idea why they are doing what they are doing. They are not calculating (when they are small) they have to learn to be manipulative from their environment. You might feel they are manipulative but they are actually just reflecting something in you and/or being influenced by spirits to do something. As they get older the behaviours & feelings you allowed, encouraged or modelled to them become habits, addictions, normalized and children then act out of these rather than their ‘real self’ – nature and personality God designed.

Quote: ‘Every problem external to me has an internal reflection in myself’ – Jesus

I feel we need to take more self responsibility as parents and rather than blaming innocent children and damaging them by being unloving we need to have courage and humility to see and feel our own pain and the damage from our childhoods and be prepared to feel in order to change and heal the injuries fully without involving children in the process.

Actively choosing to harm a person, taking our pain out or on (our) children or suppressing them from feeling because we personally don’t want to feel is unloving. Our sadness, the rage we have, any emotion we personally have, is not because of a child, they didn’t create it in us. Our parents and/or childhood environment did, as did theirs before them, so if we’re going to be angry it needs to be with the people/person responsible. Not an innocent child

We need to be honest with how we feel, take personal responsibility and take it to God, if you do need to express it, express it to the person/s responsible not someone else and not at someone else.

Truth is powerful!
 Shared with a genuine feeling of love it is life changing!

There is no justification for unloving or harmful behaviour – so find out why you want to act on the unloving behaviour especially towards children, so you can truly change it. This is going to take self reflection and sincere desire to look at yourself ‘warts and all’.

We need to look at why we are willing to harm children, especially those in our care, or ‘our’ children. (For me I have a feeling I own them and they should do what I tell them. I feel I have a right and I justify that I do it because I ‘love’ them. But actually when I have examined my feelings closely I am not often in harmony with what God sees as ‘right’ and loving. I am very much out of harmony on many subjects and the treatment of children is one of these areas).

I feel that what most parents view as love is actually addiction. It is about what they can ‘get’ emotionally from a child not what they can give, and parenting doesn’t involve much unconditional love.

I have noticed, Violence begets violence, or creates terror which creates violence or allows violence in the end. Me being angry, the kids learn to be angry too and they learn thorugh my modelling that it is acceptable – they act it out towards each other. E.G. hitting each other. I don’t like it when they do this, but it is happening and I need to look inside myself as to why as well as taking loving action (restraining – more on this to come) and talking to the kids about violence and how it is out of harmony with love.

Self Reflection Exercise. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to change? be honest

  • Do I want to love as God loves?
 If not why not?

Be honesty about how you really feel about these things, really reflect on these questions emotionally, then things can change. If you are not honest with yourself nothing will change.

Often things you want to avoid or fear end up happening – this is the law of attraction at work to expose the unhealed emotion and to give you an opportunity to feel about it and heal it so you never do it again…

If you heal the causal reason you’re doing something in the first place rather than continuously deal with the effects lasting, positive change happens. (The causal reason being the real, emotional reason that drives you to do what you do, feel how you feel, think how you think etc)  .

Now is the perfect time to feel and engage a process of growth and change to heal and become more loving. There is no point putting things off because they only get worse. I know from experience… So experiment with your feelings, address any issue right now, in the moment. Now is the perfect time.

I encourage you to try something different, try feeling or at least being truthful with yourself about how you feel, truly, inside. Stop blaming, own your stuff and experiment!

Start with where you are at.

Investigate and feel, grow a passionate desire to feel everything…

Quote: Every time I avoid an emotion inside of myself and avoid the responsibility of feeling it (them) then we project those outwards onto the universe and we damage other people in the universe. When we feel them inside of ourselves then we can grow. – Jesus



2016 Kingaroy Qld

March to June, 2016, Update

  • Up dated 20160701

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I have sat down to blog and lots has been happening.

Cushnie Learning Centre Wildlife boxes  installation 

We would like to thank Ange and Rob for having us on the Cushnie Learning Centre to put up Wildlife boxes during April & May.

Thanks Jesus & Mary for donating a trailer full of wildlife boxes to the Cushnie Learning Centre.

The project is possible with the donations of wildlife boxes, time & expertise from Denise and Wayne Shaw and thanks you guys so much for your passions and enthusiasm in creating creature boxes and helping us learn about where best to put them.

We have some more boxes that were donated some years ago that we have brought up from Kyabra Station to go up in the coming months. Thanks everyone who helped out with resources and time.

Images below: The trailer full & collection of wildlife boxes donated by Jesus and Mary. Wayne, Denise, Pete, kids, Ange & Rob installing various boxes in various nesting spots.


We are renovating a little house in the bush and have had all kinds of things going on with it in regards to learning about how to interact with people, not compromise our vision but rather finding ways to have what we desire and come up with solutions. This has not always been easy but it has been a learning experience and we are continuing to learn as we go.

Thanks to Jesus for helping us with the design, helping us see some of the emotions driving us that cause various attractions and encouraging us to not compromise but rather seek solutions.

Thanks Corny and Trevor for most of the build, particularly to the donated time you have given at times. We really appreciate it. Also Thanks to the council who have given us time and heaps of ideas in regards to alternatives to difficult situations due to old work not being ‘done by the book’ so to speak. It is by no means finished but it is definitely underway.

Pete has been awesome giving his time and efforts to doing the first bit of landscaping and doing all the general bits and pieces he can do to help.

Attending Assistance Group 2 – Developing my Loving Self

Jesus and Mary planned an amazing 6 days of presentations in Noosaville, Queensland Australia. I found the information amazing, challenging and ‘comforting’ if it can be described as such, in that The guys made it explicit and to the point and I like knowing where I am at and what is going. the Truth is truly awesome!

This group left me in no doubt as to where I am at and what I need to do to progress in my relationship with God. I learnt some invaluable lessons about having compassion for myself and others and understand my addictions far better than I previously did. Jesus’ deconstruction process is awesome!

I notice it is easy to chuck around a heap of Divine Truth jargon and say a lot of things. Actually making soul changes takes humility, a burning passionate desire, time, sincerity, an aspiration for Truth, Faith, action and this I have not had to the required degree yet. Excitingly it can be developed. I feel more solid on what is required of me. More hopeful and a little more educated in The Way – there is infinite knowledge available so I feel my education will be never ending. The way God educates is so economical and awesome.

What I am loving about these assistance groups – are so many things – including being inspired, learning more and more about God’s personality and nature, God is Good, that is a truth to let settle in our souls! I love that I can go back again and again and visit the exact bits via YouTube that are relevant for me at any given moment. This doesn’t just go for the assistance groups. This goes for all the material that Jesus and Mary have presented over the years! I am noticing that every time I go back it is like I didn’t hear it the first time. Just goes to show how there is a difference between intellectual understanding and soul understanding!

I cannot express how awesome these groups are and what a great resource Jesus and Mary have gifted to the world!

I was also grateful for the opportunity to spend the first Assistance Group learning some Camera skills, thanks Jesus for this opportunity and Lena, Igor and Corny for helping me out and sharing your expertise behind the camera. It was a really good experience and I look forward to learning more.

I want to thank all of you who donated to me for my time behind the camera. I really appreciate it and was quite blown away by the gifts I received both materially and emotionally during the Assistance Groups! The donations covered my accommodation costs, Thank you.

God’s Way of Love Education

Peter, Tristan, the kids and I have begun a venture to create learning opportunities and document the process of working through various emotions and issues between parents and children. The children and us are working together on some experiments and ideas that we look forward to sharing more about over the next few years. It is in the infant stages and we are trailing some ideas and refining them in order to eventually have the resources and a Love based curriculum to create an example school and to be able to take into schools who are interested.

We are very excited about this venture and thank Jesus particularly for his mentoring of each of us in this process. More to come in future updates.

We would like to thank various people who are already supporting this project and have given gifts to the future school and the Learning Centre.

These include Tristan who is super passionate about the project and collaborating with us, we love working with you Tris! Jesus & Mary with ideas and mentoring. Queensland University who have donated three microscopes which will be invaluable for the Learning Centre projects and the school. And thanks to Luli for organising the microscopes for us and for her insights and information about scientific documentation.


Some super cute peacock spiders, God’s Creations are truly are amazing!!

check out the link below. Images from the website below as stated.

photos from:

Where to over the next months:

We have some exciting ventures in the pipelines which I will share more about in the near future.


The next step…


Present personal state of affairs:

Personally Pete and I are wanting to make sure we have time to just allow ourselves to feel and connect with what comes up in the course of a day and a week. Pete and I have noticed that though we have changed locations and changed our ‘life’ physically our emotional state still drives us and all the issues we had previously we still have. They don’t change until we feel and release them. So moving hasn’t changed our soul, but it has given us opportunities that we didn’t previously have and so now it is a matter of bringing our every day lives into more harmony with our long term goals.

It is so easy to ‘get busy’ to have hundred’s of things on the go. It feels much harder to stop and make time to just be with ourselves and give ourselves alone time to feel and contemplate what is going on. So we will see how we go with this over the next few months.

Making the time to grow our relationship with God first and foremost, and then our relationship with each other (our own soul) needs to become our number one priorities. We are noticing that when these areas of our life are not the main focus and are in disharmony that things do not go so well for us. It is taking time to change our old habits but we have growing aspirations for the future.

We are particularly noticing how our relationship is changing or being challenged. God’s laws destroy anything that is not in harmony with love and it feels at the moment that there is a lot to be broken down and destroyed. This is not particularly comfortable and at times I notice how much I freak out because I don’t have a clue about what it is going to be like when it is in harmony with love – control and fear of the unknown being exposed. Having a life based on the World’s view of love means that we really have no idea about what our lives will turn out like when we are in harmony with God’s love. The quality of faith needs developing!! So here’s is to growing Aspirations in a loving direction!

Love to you all,

Eloisa and Peter

December 2015, Update


Green Tree Frogs

As 2015 draws to a close it feels like there has been lots to learn over the past 12 months and many opportunities and possibilities have been presented and are ahead of us (if we choose to engage them).



We officially moved to Queensland on 18th December in what felt like a whirlwind of packing, cleaning and arranging accommodation. Pete traveled up, down and up again in two days.


Green tree frog family

We are grateful to those who helped us with cleaning, organising, packing and transporting our worldly possessions from Kentucky to our new residence in Queensland, Thank you, it helped us so much and we appreciate your time and efforts.

For the last couple of weeks we have been unpacking, settling in and enjoying a lot of much needed rest, at what feels like the beach not at the beach (Queensland weather is like a perpetual ‘beach’ holiday).

A few things we are particularly enjoying about living in Queensland, so far are:

  • Spending more time with each other and the kids, having time and being able choices because we want to rather than feeling that we ‘have to’ do certain things
  • The company of beautiful friends, making plans, ideas and learning new things
  • Having the opportunity to carry out our desires and experiment with various ideas that we have been ‘thinking’ about for some years. We want our lives to become about doing everything towards our passions and desires which is new for us, and really exciting.
  • Sleep in’s and naps
  • Green tree frogs found in all kinds of interesting places – a family of 5 flushed out of the washing machine overflow. One found randomly hopping on the carpet all fluffy with carpet hair.
  • Beetles that ‘talk to you’ through a hissing sound, have grippy legs and chew you if you hold them
  • Washing that dries in hours rather than days – I really like it!

It feels like we have a fresh new start and we are enjoying it.

20150319 Front drive

Front drive of Kyabra Station

We would like to thank those of you who have made donations and given gifts of time and resources over the past years in order to contribute to our dream of a Learning Centre based on Principles of God’s Truth. We are grateful to those who gave their time and efforts to the projects we ran down at the Kentucky Learning Centre also.

We are grateful to Jesus and Mary for all their time, expertise, spiritual and practical guidance and overseeing projects we did down at the Kentucky Learning Centre. We are really grateful for their feedback to us personally.

In having the opportunity to engage and learn through the projects we conducted, we have learned a few things that we can take and put into practice in our new ventures. More on this to come when some of our plans are more finalised.

We wish you all a wonderful beginning to an exciting ‘new year’ and look forward to engaging more in the near future!



‘hissing’ beetle

October 2015, Update: Personal Relationships & Possibilities

Our life has been pretty busy over the last few months.


Pete has been negotiating the sale of Kyabra Station and we are now awaiting approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. If this goes through we are planning to leave Kentucky sometime in November. The exact date will depend on how much consultation  with the new owners is needed in order to make the transition smooth.

We are packing up all our ‘stuff’ and by golly does there seem to be a lot. So now is a process of thinning out and giving away all the things we have no longer, need, want or have not used for years and packing and storing all the things that may be useful for our future endeavors.

We have been traveling between Queensland and NSW every few weeks attempting to plan and begin renovations on our little shed of a house, which seem to be continuously delayed for all sorts of reasons. So realizing that there are some lessons in love for us to learn we are now just planning and will begin ‘doing’ when we actually have some funds to do so.

20151023 prickly pair flowering

20151023 prickly pair flowering

We returned from Queensland this weekend having had the gift of listening to Jesus and Mary present Session 3 of the Partner Relationship Series FAQ’s and being involved in a personal truth session in regards to what is really going on between Pete and myself in our relationship (Reflection Questions at bottom of this blog). (Link to FAQ’s Partner Relationships for anyone who is interested in growing and really loving their partner and soulmate:

It was so awesome to have personal feedback and to realise the focus in our relationship has been on what we can ‘get’ from one another or how we can avoid personal pain, rather than really to love one another. So interesting how self delusional we have desired to be rather than truthful and desiring to Love because we want to Love for real.

We thought going up to Queensland this last time was to begin earth works for some water tanks. What we discovered was it was to learn about love. Being in harmony with God’s Love and God’s Truth is really what is important and that every area that we are out of harmony with God’s Love and view point is an issue for us and causes major problems and disruptions in every area of our life. Hmm maybe this is what God has been gently trying to get me to see for some time: Every single thing has an opportunity to learn something about Love and God?…

Peter & Eloisa

We left the Personal Truth Session feeling encouraged and inspired to really work on all the stuff that prevents us from being emotionally close all of the time and loving one another as God Loves. Also we are observing it is very difficult to create when there is emotional unrest, bickering, competition and untruth within our relationship.

The most exciting part of listening and learning about God’s Truth in regards to Partner Relationships is that when everything feels really terrible we now have ways – that work – to actually work through our personal issues so that we can at least be friends rather than competitors and enemies all the time.

We realised that so often we are attacking ourselves or each other – which in reality is our selves if we are one soul (soul mates) – and so we are really causing a lot of pain and hurt towards our soul and this actually needs to stop if we are to actually grow and love.

Issues of Love are the most important and the very first areas that need to be given our utmost attention. We must resolve issues of Love immediately, it is of utmost importance and I observe that I often skip over issues of Love without actually understanding the full consequences of doing so. I observe that I have been avoiding resolving issues of Love and avoiding engaging and wholeheartedly embracing them and learning the lessons of Love God has been desiring to teach me.

Thank you so much Jesus and Mary for your time and having us as guests in your beautiful studio! Also for being an example of a relationship that is constantly changing for the better. You are both so wonderfully inspiring and we are so grateful for your friendship, spiritual, emotional, practical, business, and pretty much all encompassing advice in so many areas!

Thanks also to Lena and Igor for your time in filming and editing and to all those involved in producing the Divine Truth videos and data! It is such an awesome gift and opportunity for learning for those who desire to do so.

Pete and I are discovering that what we think is important and what God feels is important are often two different things which is demonstrated by the Law of Attraction in our lives every moment of every day. As Jesus says, (paraphrased) we are going to need to come to realize that our personal opinions are probably wrong and in the scheme of things don’t matter, rather it is God’s opinion and view on Love and any given situation that matters, and we need to find out why we are in disharmony with God, and why we often are even fighting with God to hold onto our wrong opinions! (obviously if your opinion is the same as God’s you won’t have any issues, but we are finding that our opinions are often opposite to God’s opinions and it has been causing a lot of pain, hurt and anguish between us.)

Directing our focus towards God’s Truth on any matter rather than our own opinion about Love is going to be so helpful if we truly engage it!

So we have the tools to now bring our personal relationship with each other into harmony with God’s Love. Our utmost thanks to God’s Messengers of Truth!!!

20150930 potential school

20150930 potential school, kids thought that learning in and under these trees would be super fun

We also have  some really exciting potential opportunities that we are beginning to research, plan and get advice on. We are  keen, with some other like minded souls, to create a God’s Way of Love Education Centre, including an Eco-Centre, a vegan Farm, an example school some time in the future, Education programs based on things we are learning, to name a few ideas we are working on. All of these will be based on Principles of God’s Truth and we are most grateful to Jesus and Mary for their advice and suggestions.

We have much to learn and the intention of setting up these projects is for the purpose of us and others (if they desire) to learn about Love, grow our souls in Love and find out where we are out of harmony with God’s Way, why this is and then engage the emotional process in order to refine our souls and grow towards God. More to come on these projects in future.

Obviously we are in the planning stages and have a whole heap of ‘great ideas’ that are in their infancy and planning stages, they have yet to become a reality and they will take some time to get up and running. We are in the process of learning a lot of new and exciting things as we begin to research and plan. So in reality we will see where these ideas lead over the next few years.

I was feeling quite excited about the new direction of our life and possible potentials and thought I would share some of our ideas, smile.

Questions from the Partner Relationship FAQ series:

I suggest watching the Partner Relationship clips to really get the most out of these questions and actually understand what the questions are really asking, but for your information they are below.

    1. What does love do?
    2. What does God’s (Pure) Love do?
    3. Do I REALLY want to love God’s Way?
    4. “What would love do?”
  1. I will ask from my own perspective:
  • What would my love for myself motivate me to do for myself?
  • What would my love for my partner motivate me to do for my partner?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for his or her self would motivate them to do for his or her self?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for me would motivate them to do for me?

2. My partner would ask from his or her own perspective:

  • What would my love for myself motivate me to do for myself?
  • What would my love for my partner motivate me to do for my partner?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for his or her self would motivate them to do for his or her self?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for me would motivate them to do for me?