Recently at the Cushnie Learning Centre…

The Director’s of God’s Way met with Jesus & Mary and other Members & Friends, for a couple of walkovers on the Cushnie Learning Centre (images below). The purpose of these walkovers was to gain an overview of what needs doing and create a prioritized plan for projects at the Cushnie Learning Centre.

There is much planning to do and we have found we are need of education in many areas.

Thank you

The directors would like to thank Jesus and Mary for their time in mentoring us & others in order to run God’s Way company, beginning to plan projects, and helping us to prioritize the areas we need to up-skill in emotionally, physically & intellectually.

We would also like to thank our volunteers, Members, friends and those who donate to God’s Way for your desire, time, resources and finances. We really appreciate your support, enthusiasm and generosity.

Shed for Removal

There is a shed that we need removed from the Cushnie Learning Centre. We had this up for Tender, but feel that if anyone would like it for free you can have it if you personally remove it.

If you know of anyone who is willing to remove it and would like the materials please contact us at the following email address:

For more information phone Eloisa on 04 3411 2585

Description of what needs to be removed:

Measurements & Details:

  • 15x8m shed with skillion roof and concrete floor
  • Skillion walls falls 4m to 3.6m
  • 75x75mm galvanised steel post construction embedded into concrete
  • 2x 70x35mm steel roof beams on top of each other, welded, lower painted and upper galvanised
  • 125mm roof Z purlin, 11 runs @ 15m, bolted fixing method
  • 100x 50mm hardwood wall purlins, 4 rows around shed, bolted fixing method
  • 25x25mm painted steel bracing
  • 125mm zincalume quad gutters
  • Air-cell insulation 120m²
  • Rear and side wall cladding in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Roof clad in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Front wall clad in Weathertex painted weather boards with 140mm cover, 3m high, nailed through the face of the boards
  • Upper front wall clad in trimdek profile, clear, poly carbonate sheeting 15m wide 1.3m high
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to front of shed in possibly Cream Colorbond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 1680Hx2450mm* x1, 1000Hx1260mm x3, Sliding door 2100Hx1500mm x1
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to rear of shed in Deep Ocean Colobond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 2100Hx1200mm* x2           *indicates that windows have a fixed glass section at the bottom and slider section above
  • L shaped kitchen 3000mm long x 1900 with breakfast bar.  Includes sink and flick mixer.  Cupboards in Antique White, bench top in mottled bluish colour.  Long section 600mm wide.  Breakfast bar section 900mm wide.  Pantry 2100H x 600 x 600mm in white with single door and shelves.
  • Carport: Rafters are 200×75 galv. C purlins, 3@5m.  Beams are 150x50mm galv. C purlins, 2@4m. Purlins are 75 x 38 hardwood, 6@3.9m & 6@4.5m. Posts are 100x50mm galv. C purlins 3@3.4m embedded in concrete. Gutter is 125mm zincalume quad gutter @ 8m.
  • Wood fire box, small capacity with single flue. Lower guard section available but not attached.

(Thanks to Corny for these details and the photographs of the shed)


Last week there was rain. The roads become rivers when it rains at the Cushnie Learning Centre. One of the projects we are planning is to fix up all the roads, aiming to keep as much water on the property as we can and stop as much erosion as possible.

Images below: Dams on the Cushnie Learning Centre before and during the rain.

The images (below) on the left are of the same place before the rain. It became a torrent of water. It is a spot that needs some fixing up erosion wise

Bush track before & during the rain

God’s Way of Education Project

A couple of weeks ago Tris & the kids school day consisted of a working bee picking out plastic and returning cardboard to pits on the Cushnie Learning Centre.


Tris met a line of Caterpillars (bag moth species) that followed each other in a line to new destinations.


Until next time,


Free Shed – No Longer Available

Post updated: 20170411         Previous update 20170403

The Shed is no longer available as someone has agreed to dismantle and take it away over the next 6 weeks. Thanks for your interest.


We have a shed that needs to be completely dismantled & removed from Home Creek Loop Road in Cushnie, Queensland Australia (photos below).

DSCN9973 (1)

Would you like this shed? If yes, please contact us

Measurements & Details:

  • 15x8m shed with skillion roof and concrete floor
  • Skillion walls falls 4m to 3.6m
  • 75x75mm galvanised steel post construction embedded into concrete
  • 2x 70x35mm steel roof beams on top of each other, welded, lower painted and upper galvanised
  • 125mm roof Z purlin, 11 runs @ 15m, bolted fixing method
  • 100x 50mm hardwood wall purlins, 4 rows around shed, bolted fixing method
  • 25x25mm painted steel bracing
  • 125mm zincalume quad gutters
  • Air-cell insulation 120m²
  • Rear and side wall cladding in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Roof clad in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Front wall clad in Weathertex painted weather boards with 140mm cover, 3m high, nailed through the face of the boards
  • Upper front wall clad in trimdek profile, clear, poly carbonate sheeting 15m wide 1.3m high
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to front of shed in possibly Cream Colorbond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 1680Hx2450mm* x1, 1000Hx1260mm x3, Sliding door 2100Hx1500mm x1
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to rear of shed in Deep Ocean Colobond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 2100Hx1200mm* x2           *indicates that windows have a fixed glass section at the bottom and slider section above
  • L shaped kitchen 3000mm long x 1900 with breakfast bar.  Includes sink and flick mixer.  Cupboards in Antique White, bench top in mottled bluish colour.  Long section 600mm wide.  Breakfast bar section 900mm wide.  Pantry 2100H x 600 x 600mm in white with single door and shelves.
  • Carport: Rafters are 200×75 galv. C purlins, 3@5m.  Beams are 150x50mm galv. C purlins, 2@4m. Purlins are 75 x 38 hardwood, 6@3.9m & 6@4.5m. Posts are 100x50mm galv. C purlins 3@3.4m embedded in concrete. Gutter is 125mm zincalume quad gutter @ 8m.
  • Wood fire box, small capacity with single flue. Lower guard section available but not attached.

We had it up for tender but now it is yours for free if you are willing to dismantle it and take it away promptly.

If this advertisement is still up, it means it is still available.The shed is no longer available


1.If you are interested in completely removing this shed please call Eloisa on

04 3411 2585 or send an email to the following email address

Please include the following details in the email

  • your name
  • Phone number
  • When you can dismantle and collect the shed

2.The shed needs to be completely dismantled and removed from the site, by you, or someone organised by you as soon as possible.

For more information or to arrange a time to view the shed phone

Eloisa on: 04 3411 2585 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Shed for Removal Cushnie. Thanks Corny for the photo


Environment Issues

Every month or so I will be writing about environment issues on the learning Centre.

Although the Learning Centre has different types of soil, trees, animals and some bird species than I am used to, the degrading of the land is caused by the same things:

  • Timber removed for milling
  • Clearing of regrowth
  • Gully and sheet erosion due to lack of ground cover caused by the above.
  • Rain water running off the property also because of lack of cover
  • Evaporation of water occurring due also to lack of cover
  • Hoofed animals
  • Grazing pressure of above animals
  • Compaction of soil due to introduced animals
  • Drought becoming more frequent e.g. summers warmer winters colder
  • Earth changes

The earth changes are occurring because of our unloving emotions.We are Gods greatest creation and we effect all of the earth’s systems and its creatures.

Nature can and will repair its self, this can take hundreds of years. We wish to help the land to recover by doing it Gods Way just as Jesus and Mary teach:

  • Get enough systems so weeds can grow
  • Retain all weeds
  • Have enough nitrogen in the soil so plants will grow

To do this we need to :

  • Keep all rain that falls on the property by slowing down the run off, grass trees and shrub coverage, dams, swales and holes
  • Soil fill swales, holes and eroded gullies with organic waste matter and use compost worms to filtrate the soil around taking minerals and nitrogen with them.
  • Get intelligence into the soil e.g. seeds have intelligence, they are alive also living creatures, organisms, fungi and mycelium etc

All intelligence needs food, water and a home to live in.

  • Weeds are anything that grows, all weeds have intelligence They repair the soil they grow in, they may be prickly and have thorns, so nothing eats them.
  • After the soil has repaired its self new plants will grow. A seed will only grow if conditions are right.

Recovery organisms both below soil e.g. worms above soil and insects. More organisms live below the soil than above it.

There are different types of soil:

  • Sandy, Rocky and Clay.
  • All of these soils are treated differently, clay holds water longer but it also runs off if dry.
  • Sandy, the water runs through it but if a clay base will retain water longer.

Decomposition: go into a forest and see all the leaf litter on the floor of the forest, this breaks down feeding the trees and under story plants and because of the shade of the trees and under story plants the rain falls gently through the canopy and wind is reduced, everything is the way God created things to work.

This is the way we hope to restore the Learning Centre.

20170124 Update & God’s Way Ltd News

Hi Everyone!

Eloisa here with an update on what has been happening since the last post in November 2016.

It has been a busy time for us with lots of different things going on.

God’s Way Property Purchase:

With the generous donations from a couple of people, God’s Way Ltd was able to purchase a property in the Cushnie Shire in Queensland which we are beginning to discuss and create plans for in regards to various projects for the future. For those local to the area, the property purchased has been known as the ‘Cushnie Learning Centre’.

God’s Way Director Update:

Peter has been asked to step down as a director of God’s Way Ltd while he works through some issues that are hindering him being in harmony with the constitution.

He is currently on probation in a volunteer role and we wish him all the best in growing a desire to work through the various issues.

Tristan, Catherine & Eloisa are learning to be effective directors.


God’s Way Ltd directors at the LC

Thank you for the donations to God’s Way Ltd:

We would like to particularly thank a few people who have donated to God’s Way Ltd, we are really grateful for the contributions that you have made and really appreciate the gifts! So far they have enabled us to purchase the property in Cushnie which means we can begin planning and experimenting!

We wanted to thank various people, businesses and organisations for non-monetary gifts and donations that are just as valuable, such as greenwaste, cardboard, hay etc that help to create soil. For volunteered time that helps  to complete various jobs that needed doing, and other physical gifts that contribute to the running of the company and projects. We appreciate the effort of your time, resources & decomposable waste!

November Assistance Groups – Understanding God’s Loving Laws:

Jesus and Mary shared, presented and gave the gift & opportunity to participate in another Assistance Group in November.

It was a huge effort and from their own admission only a mere stroking of the surface of the subject matter.

It was an opportunity to see love in action and I now have an opportunity to experiment, investigate and apply the information and see what happens next.

Thank you to Jesus & Mary for the gift of the groups and opportunity to learn new things. And to Lena and Igor for your time, instruction and training in regards to filming, recording and set up and dismantling equipment during the group.

Thank you for the Donations:

Thank you to all of you who donated towards my time during the days that I helped out with the filming in the first Assistance Group. I am so grateful for your donations and they covered most of my accommodation costs for the group.

It is such a gift to have the opportunity to learn new skills in filming while listening to God’s Truth (snippets between concentration) and to receive donations for doing something that I really enjoy!

Overseas Guests & Training:

After the Assistance Group we had some overseas guests stay at the Learning Centre late November to late January, who were involved in some education and training with Jesus & Mary.

The visitors helped us in discovering how things are currently working at the Learning Centre (such as solar, privacy or lack of it) and what things need to be added in order for it to run more smoothly.

Jesus and Mary offer so many learning opportunities. Including the experiences provided at the Assistance Groups and over the last months. Thanks J&M & also to Lena for directing us and sharing knowledge in regards to the post production process.

I have a far greater appreciation for Jesus’s efforts and skills and how much time he spends in creating all of the information and material he gifts and shares freely with the world!

Editing Audio alone is time consuming and needs much practice and skill. There are so many processes and so much that goes into each video.

Current things happening @ the Centre:

Tristan will be moving to the Centre in the next few weeks (early February 2017) and we have plans to create permanent accommodation for Tristan & Catherine to live there in the next couple of years. Tristan and Catherine will be the caretakers of the property for the duration of their residence until we find permanent Managers for the Centre.

We are grateful to the local produce stores in Kingaroy for their green waste & cardboard bales which is currently going into the swales at the Centre to create soil and food for all the intelligent life in & on the land.

We would like to thank the local produce stores for the gift of these donations as these are our main source of matter for soil creation.  We are always on the look out for donated matter that is easily broken down.

It is quite extraordinary what ‘scraps’ can do in a relatively short amount of time. The amount of insect life is multiplying. The hungry creatures due to it being so dry get some extra food and the plants also enjoy the moisture and decomposing scraps. We can’t get enough of it and it would be great to be able to do this on a huge scale!

People Staying on the Centre:

We have had various inquiries about others staying and living at the Centre and we want to be clear about the intention and the purpose of the Learning Centre.

  • It is not a community.
  • It is not a camping facility.
  • People staying there will be invited and residing there for a specific purpose.

There has been a lot of damage done to the land at the Centre over many years and we would like to limit further damage as much as possible. We feel that both physical actions, attitudes and emotions affect the environment and take all of these things into consideration for people staying at the Centre.

In the future we would like to have specific accommodations nearby so that people can visit, engage in projects and learning on the Centre for periods of time and then they can go and share what they learn with the world. Currently we do NOT have this option available. It is an aspiration and will be dependent on desire and donations in the coming years.

This means that if you are coming to any programmes or helping out with projects in the near future that you will need to arrange your own accommodation off site


The Centre is a place of Education and Learning.

We aspire for it to be a place that is an example of Principle’s of God’s Truth Demonstrated on Earth.

Projects & experiments that are undertaken are scientifically validated and cover every imaginable subject matter, which are then documented and can be shared with the world.

A library of physical and electronic data and information collated from all the experiments done on site and around the world to be shared with all humanity.

A library of spiritual and scientific information including experiments done demonstrating God’s Truths.

Our intention is to use some smaller properties to begin various experiments on and when they are tried and tested take them to the Learning Centre.

It is a place that in future people may temporarily stay at in order to learn spiritually, physically, emotionally, and have an experience of living God’s Way. But there is work to be done for each of those involved to do this personally before it will be able to be demonstrated consistently and properly.

Our future aspiration is to attract permanent Managers/Caretakers for the Centre, a team of people to document and record projects, many teams of people involved in various areas such as environmental projects, education projects, the Example school project, scientific validators and many others. Not all of the people involved in these projects will live on the Centre, but our desire is to have various forms of accommodation available off site for short or longer term stays.

We are looking for volunteers with the right attitude who desire to serve & share God’s Truth with the world and do things in harmony with God’s Way on a permanent basis. There is a Volunteers Induction Programme anticipated to begin in 2017 (more info can be found at the following link) which will be the first step in becoming a Volunteer. (Due to a lot of other commitments the planning is taking a little longer than anticipated).


LC flower detail

God’s Way of Education Project:

In early January 2017, Tristan and I did an introductory presentation to a small group of people who had expressed some interest in the project.

We want to thank those who helped us out:

Jesus – for training in audio and video production and how to give a presentation

Lena – for audio and general set up advice

Nicky – for being on Audience camera

Courtney & David – for being our mic runners

Pete – for cleaning and helping to organise the venue

Participants for coming along and creating an audience

There is so much information to for the God’s Way of Education Project just in the introduction and overview that Tris and I have decided to do some filmed recordings to break it all down and go into more detail.

These will commence later in February and we look forward to using some new editing skills (Thanks Jesus & Lena!) to get these up onto YouTube so you can hear our ideas, aspirations and discoveries so far for the overall Project, including the Example School, Adult/Parenting Education Programme & Existing School Consulting programme.

It was a learning experience and quite fun to do the presentation. On reflection we had too much information for the four hour time period. We learned a lot including how much organization, planning, time and thought goes into a presentations and the skills needed for trouble shooting (live) that are needed. We have a whole new appreciation for those who run these events regularly and for the post production side of things also!

So there has been quite a bit going on and that is only the external events. There is a heap going on for each of us personally but this can wait for another post on our personal blog sites!

Until next time, all the best


Hayfest & Wildlife boxes for the Cushnie LC


20160709 spider web early morning Cushnie LC

We spent a beautiful winter morning at the Cushnie Learning Centre yesterday putting up another lot of wildlife boxes. It is really beautiful to head out in the early morning, there are all sorts of beautiful nature phenomenons & creations to observe and discover.

Wildlife boxes:

Once again thanks to the Griffiths for having us on the property and to all those who helped out with the installation – Denise, Wayne, Ange, Rob, Paul, Pete. Thank you to Clarrie a man in spirit who is excited about the project and suggests various sites to Wayne along the way.

We are enjoying spending time getting to know the property, learning about wildlife and habitat and getting to know the volunteers involved a little more.

We would like to thank Raj for putting us in contact with Malcolm from Wondai who had a heap of hay that needed to be removed from the recent car rally. Their committee gave the bales free of charge and thanks to Peter L-H who paid the transport costs ($1500) to get it to the Learning Centre.

Mark (the truck driver) transported a hundred and thirteen 600kg bales (3 truck loads, 68 tons of hay ) to the Learning Centre for mulch. Thanks to Pete for unloading and spreading the hay when it was delivered. Pete and the loader have been super busy over the last week.

We are all really grateful for these gifts, thanks to all involved.

Creating Loving Eco-Systems – An Introduction

Below is a document put together by AJ/Jesus on ‘Creating Loving Eco-Systems – An Introduction’. It is very useful to read before undertaking any environmental projects at home, or in general. It helped us to at least intellectually understand more about what our souls (you/me) are creating and causing to happen in ‘our’ garden or on the land (both the land that we live on, the country we live in and the how we affect the land the world over, souls are large and global not small and local, smile). It gives information about the systems God creates and we need to replicate in order for us and the environment to be in harmony.

Below is the document as written, it can also be found on the Divine Truth website>Learning Centres>Learning Centre Visit Requirements>Outline or the link below will take you to the original PDF at the same source. There are also audio recordings you can download and listen to on the same webpage.

Creating Loving Eco-Systems – An Introduction

Some people are still struggling to love each other 
  • Need to examine the reasons for this 
  • But seem to think they have an easier time loving animals, creatures and the Earth But is that even really true? 
  • How much of our addictions are really present even in our work with the environment?
What is an Eco-System?
It is a complete ecological environmental system where: 
  • Each part operates in harmony and balance
  • No single part is dominant or overwhelms another 
  • Each part benefits the whole and assists abundance in the whole 
  •  No single part can properly survive without the other parts
What is a Loving System?
These are the systems God creates, and we need to replicate where:
  • Human Love & understanding is available to all parts of the system 
  • Humans learn and replicate that God has done 
  • Humans understand how we have destroyed the system & desire to change 
  • Humans understand what emotions within us have contributed to destruction
  • Humans honour the intelligence inbuilt in each organism within the system 
  • No human addictions are supported by the system created
Lesson 1 – Love Effects & Controls The Entire System
For anything to flourish Love must be present
  • We must understand how our soul condition is reflected the environment 
  • We must understand that God is always bringing more love into the system 
  • We often resist God’s efforts to bring more love into the system
When our Love is present, the following occurs:
  • All organisms and the entire system itself flourish 
  • There is abundance for every part of the system 
  • The system will be in perfect balance
When our Love is absent or addictive (given only for personal benefit):
Aggressive organisms express arrogance to the system when loved addictively 
  • They feel themselves to be superior (due to the attitude of the human) 
  • They attack and destroy the organisms felt (by the human) to be inferior 
  • They demonstrate a reflection of mankind’s dominance
  • E.g. A domestic cat killing animals and birds even though it is well fed
  • E.g. Domestic goats eating everything even when they must have eaten enough 
Aggressive organisms multiply when being attacked
  • They go into hyper-drive with reproduction 
  • They feel competitive and aggressive towards other organisms in the system 
  • They are aware of negative feelings from humans, and respond to survive 
  • E.g. Insects that people want destroyed will feel will increase reproduction 
  • E.g. Insects that people want destroyed will attack people 
  • E.g. Insects will reflect the fear in humans that causes humans to attack
Passive organisms express meekness to the system when loved addictively 
  • They feel themselves to be inferior (due to the attitude of the human) 
  • They are attacked and destroyed by aggressive organisms 
  • They demonstrate a reflection of mankind’s submission and unworthiness
  • E.g. A precious shy marsupial that we “love” will be attacked by our own cat Passive organisms regress and reduce reproduction when being attacked
  • They first attempt to flee the area completely
  • They do not feel “safe” to breed and multiply E.g. A watered (& weeded) garden is all about fear and favouritism. There should be no need to water a garden. If things are created with love and as a complete system – the system will support life without our intervention.
All organisms desire survival, and will adapt to survive
  • An attitude of love does not force adaption through negative events 
  • An attitude of love allows change and growth through positive events 
  • E.g. Organisms without enough to eat will adapt and eat other material 
  • E.g. Organisms without enough of their “normal” diet will change their diet 
  • E.g. Organisms not loved will understand they are under attack from the system 
  • E.g. Organisms that are “loved” will drop their defensive actions
All organisms respond to emotions of fear and anger
Fear creates: 
  • An automatic struggle to survive 
  • A system that involves lots of work 
  • A system that is without abundance 
  • Destruction of areas of the environment that we are afraid of 
  • Competition with areas of the environment that we are afraid of
Anger creates: 
  • Everything that fear creates (since anger is the result of suppressing fear) 
  • Aggression within the entire system; a desire to attack and destroy 
  • Destruction of the system through natural events (fire, flood etc)
God is always trying to bring love back into the system
  • Each one of God’s Laws is created in order to expose the condition of love 
  • Each one of God’s Laws has the effect of bringing more love back into the system 
  • Each one of God’s Laws is attempting to correct the human’s unloving condition 
  • If a loving system is left alone by humans, it will always maintain balance 
  • If a loving system is attacked by humans, it will always become more unbalanced
Lesson 2 – The Human Soul Interconnects With The Entire System
Humans need to understand that everything around us is connected to us
How organisms respond is completely dependant on our own soul condition 
         Soul condition is the sum total of our beliefs, emotions, desires, passions, longings, assumptions, intentions, reasoning etc.
  • Soul condition determines the effectiveness of our effort to restore eco-systems
  • Organisms will work against us if our soul condition is not adjusted
  •  Organisms’ inbuilt instinct will be to expose & correct unloving behaviour in us 
  • Our condition will affect any organism connected to us for any reason
  • E.g. Plants that supply my coffee will be connected to me if I drink coffee 
  • E.g. Plants that supply my sugar will be connected to me if I consume sugar
Our soul condition has a huge bearing on how systems respond
  • Even our observation of a system changes how the system responds 
  • Our environmental choices & decisions are caused by our own condition 
  • Our addictions create unloving actions perpetrated towards the environment 
  • The environment will respond to these unloving addictions to correct them
I need to become aware of how I am destroying eco-systems around the world through my soul condition
The choices I make to satisfy my own addictions through food, will result in the destruction of eco-systems all around the world
  • E.g. My desire for eating meat (McDonalds hamburgers for example) results in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil 
  • It is pointless fixing eco-systems in our direct neighbourhood while at the same time destroying eco-systems in other countries
  • We need to examine more honestly how our demands are satisfied 
  • We need to see the laws of supply and demand in operation 
  • We need to change our demands if we want destruction to be averted
What systems we currently have around us are not indicative of the actual system that God created, or their normal operation
We cannot assume the following: 
  • That how organisms currently work is how they would normally work 
  • That how organisms currently act is how they would normally act 
  • That how organisms currently respond is how things normally would respond
We can assume the following: 
  • That our interaction with an organism will change how the organism responds 
  • That our actions have a direct bearing on the evolution of an organism 
  • That each organism has inbuilt intelligence (instinct) 
  • That an entire system will respond to our desires, beliefs and actions 
  • That we cannot assume what is currently present is normal; or what would normally exist if we were not present
E.g. When we look at some land, we cannot assume that what is currently on the land will be what was or would normally be there 
E.g. We cannot assume that current methods of farming are the only way to farm
Lesson 3 – Eco-Systems Need 3 (Three) Basics For Survival & Abundance
Almost every living thing has three basic requirements for survival (that humans have control over)
  • Water 
  • Food 
  • Shelter 
  • Note: many other things are needed for survival, but most of these are naturally provided through the atmosphere, and are not directly under the control of individual humans.
If one of these elements are missing, abundance is not possible
  • Living organisms go into hibernation, waiting for times of abundance 
  • Living organisms can survive many years, some even thousands of years in this state
  • The system remains “pregnant” with life, but only as a possibility
Almost every living thing multiplies with abundance
The proximity and abundance of these three basic things will effect how prolific and healthy the living thing is; i.e. the easier the access, the better for the organism 
E.g. If food, water, shelter are near each other, reproduction results
Almost every living thing struggles with scarcity
Any living thing that doesn’t have sufficient amounts struggles to survive Much more “work” is required With more “work” comes less “free” time, time for pleasure E.g. If food, water, shelter are far from each other, reproduction is inhibited E.g. If remove just a single requirement, the organism will struggle to survive
We must not judge the system as what we currently have
  • Huge amounts of destruction have occurred to the earth over 1000’s of years 
  • We cannot state that what we now have is “normal” 
  • Very few humans in the past 4,000 years have actually personally seen “normal”
Lesson 4 – All Living Organisms Have Inbuilt Intelligence
Anything living that God has created has its own intelligence
  • Intelligence can be individual (e.g. mammal) or collective (e.g. insects) 
  • Each organism knows how to create abundance for its own survival 
  • If man leaves each organism alone, it will create its own abundance in time 
  • Man does not see nor acknowledge the intelligence in the system 
  • Man can either speed up or slow down the organism’s ability to create for itself 
  • The intelligence already placed in the system will correct the environment 
  • All we need do is learn how to support the system and use the intelligence 
  • When we have millions of different creatures all working for us, our environment will change rapidly and flourish without huge amounts of hard work
All organisms are geared to assist the life-cycle of living systems
  • All processes & creatures turn dead things into the basis of life for more living things
  • All dead things form the foundation for living things 
  • Man tries to prevent this from happening 
  • E.g. We design a home out of “dead” matter & react angrily when living things attack
  • E.g. We poison & destroy living intelligent creatures that are telling us truths
  • E.g. We kill the organisms that are responding in love 
  • E.g. We must work harder to create systems without intelligence
To create loving eco-systems we must understand the intelligence
  • Most soil based creatures know more than we do about how to fix the soil 
  • Most water based organisms know more than we do about how to fix the water 
  • Most food based organisms know more than about their own abundance than we do
  • Most systems are struggling against man’s desires 
  • This also means that most humans feel a sense of struggle against the system 
  • When we understand and love, these living things work for us repairing the system
Once we recognise the intelligence, we will understand the support it brings
  • Mankind can be fully supported by the entire system without much work at all
  • Initially correcting the unbalanced systems will require work 
  • Once imbalance is corrected, then work will not be required 
  • Each system will be fully self-supporting and self-maintaining
  • Man will be free to play, rather than eke out an existence
Lesson 5 – Understand The Role Of Organisms In System Recovery
Primary organisms in system recovery are those with collective consciousness
  • Understanding the role of recovery organisms is essential to eco-systems 
  • Most primary organisms have collective rather than individual consciousness 
  • Most of these creatures do not have a central nervous system 
  • Most of these creatures do not have a spirit body 

These include:

Bacteria, fungus, microbes, soil-based creatures (worms, ants, white ants etc) Plants that prepare the environment (weeds, trees seemingly without “purpose”) Above ground and airborne creatures (insects, spiders, etc)
Secondary organisms in system recovery are those with individual consciousness
  • Without assistance from recovery organisms, no secondary organisms can survive
  • Humans cannot survive without the primary recovery organisms
  • Other creatures with individual intelligence also cannot survive 
  • Secondary organisms can only survive without human intervention once there is abundance created by the primary recovery organisms 
  • E.g. Introducing larger creatures to an environment without having properly prepared the environment will result in these larger creatures either dying, subsisting, or being dependant on human intervention for survival (larger creatures meaning any creature larger than the biggest earth or air based primary recovery organism) 
  • E.g. Introducing trees and other plant life that requires specific soil and environment elements, without also having a system that supports their existence, will result in constant maintenance being required by humans
Lesson 6 – Understand The Basics Of Creating A Healthy Eco-System
All parts of the system must be loved equally
  • Unless we love & care for all parts of the system, the system will become unbalanced
  • This requires changing our heart felt attitudes towards all parts of the system 
  • This is particularly the case with parts of the system that we view as “pests” If we love the system equally, each part of the system will work “hard” for us

Life is not created in the soil by adding dead material

  • Dead material is the food of living creatures that create life in the soil 
  • Dead material is essential, because it is a part of the support structure 
  • But we must understand that its role is to support life of the living creatures 
  • Dead material that does not support life will finish up taking from the system
  • E.g. Adding fertiliser only has long term benefit if it supports living creatures, adding fertiliser every year without supporting living creatures creates a condition where more and more fertiliser is required for the same result
Don’t worry about correcting deficiencies in the soil
  • Intelligence IN THE SYSTEM will correct the soil 
  • It will be faster to create the living systems than trying to correct the dead system
  • Anything else will just create incessant work for us
Systems must be created to support primary recovery living creatures
  • These creatures will turn dead material into material that can support all life 
  • This creates a system that supports all creatures and animals, from aphids to lady bugs, ants to marsupials, grasses to trees, birds to large animals 
  • When creating and supporting systems, don’t start with the plants; start with attracting the creatures by providing them with dead material (food), water & shelter
  •       Even in a desert it is possible (start with shelter, add water collection, then food) 
  •       If you don’t have soil or air based primary recovery organisms, then create the environment to attract and support them, then transport them if you have to
We have the potential to have an environment where seeding and fruiting occurs all year round
This doesn’t happen now for a number of reasons 
  • Fear that drives selfish ‘taking’ attitudes from our environment 
  • Denuding of the environment has caused changes in the climate, seasons, and a lack moisture and warmth retained in or near the earth 
  • Systems can only work when there is abundance, which is generally seasonal
Lesson 7 – Understand & Develop Techniques For Recovery
Techniques include:
  • Water flow and storage based contouring 
  • Water management and collection 
  • Water health, prevention of water stagnation 
  • Shelter systems for primary recovery organisms 
  • Begin where such systems already are naturally starting 
  • Create locations of high fertility, either in or on top of the soil 
  • Understand water and nutrient migration (elevation and flow speed) 
  • Do not destroy systems that have already been started naturally
  • Do not burn off; use the material for the creation of systems 
  • Focus on watering, feeding & sheltering the system first, then feeding yourself 
  • Focus on a NO MAINTENANCE WORK system; self-supporting 
  • Most techniques can be scaled up or down according to area size
Climate considerations include:
Cold Climate 
  • Generating heat and warmth is a primary part of creating shelter 
  • Use rocks, decaying matter; any material that will generate heat naturally 
  • Usually have plenty of water, but not all year around (due to ice, snow dry conditions)
  • Manage and use the water for winter (need warm areas that do not freeze) 
  • Allow water to flow during summer (do not want marshy conditions generally)
Hot Climate 
  • Remember that shade and the ground provide shelter 
  • Create conditions were organisms can retain moisture 
  • Collect the water and retain it when it is available 
  • Stop evaporation and prevent soil based distribution of water 
  • Create contours and swales that collect and retain moisture 
  • Initially plant plants that survive in harsh low water based conditions 
  • Plant weeds that are naturally growing in the area
Tropical vs Temperate Systems 
  • Obviously different conditions and locations require different methods 
  • Water, food and shelter is abundant at different times in these different systems
  • Create systems that provide a year round solution to abundance of the three basic elements (water, food and shelter)
Creating Micro-Climates
  • Contours 
  • Swales 
  • Fertility locations (holes and mounds) 
  • Holes 
  • Mounds 
  • Ponds 
  • Shelters
Sloping Land vs. Flat Land
  • Use the slope of the land to maintain the system 
  • On flat land, the systems will need to have a completely different design
Obviously, this series of seminars are just an introduction to the subject We could talk for many hours about the different techniques Learning Centre projects will now focus on these different techniques Remember this is about Loving ALL of the parts of the system
Key points
  • Bring love for all elements into the system through actions & changes in soul condition 
  • Understand how the human condition (beliefs, emotions, demands etc) dominate the interconnectivity between systems and their effectiveness 
  • Understand everything needs food, water and shelter to survive
  • Understand every living organism has inbuilt intelligence that can be utilised to recover & maintain the system 
  • Focus on supporting firstly the key recovery organisms in the system Use techniques that suit the environment, climate, location, elevation and topography
Thank you to AJ and Mary and the Divine Truth Website for this information.